BandTel, Quintum Partner to Offer Tenor VoIP MultiPath Solutions

Resellers deploying Quintum Technologies Inc.’s MultiPath VoIP systems with BandTel’s VoIP services now can connect call systems using a trunk-to-trunk transfer, and terminate calls to and from any location in the world.

The capabilities come now that VoIP termination provider BandTel LLC has made its VoIP network solutions fully interoperable with Quintums Tenor VoIP MultiPath switches and gateways.

“Quintum’s Tenor VoIP MultiPath solutions are the perfect complement to BandTel’s network because both integrate so easily into an existing network, even if legacy devices are present and both guarantee dependable switching and routing, said Chris Dunk, president and CEO of BandTel. In addition, by mutually supporting the SIP standard, we are working together to advance the future of VoIP technology.”

BandTel LLC
Quintum Technologies Inc.

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