RNK Telecom Deploys Lucent Technologies Compact Switch

VoIP wholesaler RNK Telecom will deploy the Lucent Technologies Compact Switch, coupled with Performance Technologies’ Point Code Emulation (PCE) solution, to expand its footprint in New York and New Jersey, as well as to enhance existing telephony services throughout its Mid-Atlantic network, the company announced on Wednesday.

The Lucent Compact Switch supports more than 20,000 VoIP ports (or more than 80,000 traditional voice lines) on a single integrated platform. Service providers can deploy the switch for end-office and tandem applications to replace an existing switch, or as an addition to the network. In addition to providing VoIP, Voice ATM gateway capabilities, Internet off-load and gateway mobile switching center features, the compact switch also offers CALEA and E911 capabilities.

Performance Technologies’ PCE solution is an SS7 routing feature that offers re-configuration and management of SS7 network elements. PCE establishes a virtual private SS7 network where network elements can be privately managed by the service provider. To the PSTN, the private SS7 network and all nodes within it, assumes the identity of a single public point code.

RNK said the combined solution allows it to reach a new population of potential customers, and reduces its need for long-haul circuit capacity while providing more switching capacity.

RNK Telecom

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