xG Technology Announces Nationwide Deployment Program of Mobile VoIP

xG Technology LLC has announced the launch of a “domestic dealer” program for ISPs, CLECs and others looking to market a municipal wireless voice service. xG will award exclusive territories to regional carriers for deployment of its xMax mobile VoIP service.

“xMax provides an unprecedented opportunity for regional ISPs, CLECs, local communications carriers and entrepreneurs by reducing the cost of deploying wireless broadband to the point where they can compete with traditional communications companies,” said Rick Mooers, chairman and CEO of xG Technology. “With xG Technology, an xMax regional carrier could deliver a carrier-grade quality mobile VoIP service for thousands of dollars, not the millions that other technologies require in capital network and spectrum licensing costs.”

xMax uses unlicensed spectrum. xG says the proprietary technology delivers three times the range of other wireless technologies with comparable power and antenna height. The first systems will be online in the first quarter of 2007.

“Preliminary response has been tremendous,” said Frank Peake, head of sales and marketing. “Competitive providers that are interested in reaching their customers directly rather than relying on incumbent providers’ networks have shown particular interest in locking up exclusive territories.”

Mooers added, “With our program, xG Technology will be rolling out xMax on a region-by-region basis with the end goal of a ubiquitous xMax mobile VoIP service across the U.S.” Broadband data service is on the road map.

xG Technology

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