Stevens Lampooned on TV, Internet

Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, is having an interesting week on the World Wide Web, from being satirized on a page to being lampooned by comedian Jon Stewart in a highly circulated clip from The Daily Show.

Stevens has been at the forefront of telecom law reform and during hearings earlier this year on net neutrality, called the Internet a series of tubes, saying its not a truck into which people can dump information. In response, MySpace member Andrew Raff has penned a song set to a folksy tune, using Stevens own words. The ditty has been heard nearly 13,000 times.

Meanwhile, The Daily Shows Stewart who has shown no love for Stevens in the past recently made fun of the senator in a piece that used an old-time miners portrait and a picture of Homer Simpsons aging father in place of Stevens actual photo. The outtake is available on and can be found by searching Stevens name.

Andrew Raff MySpace Page

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