Alcatel Launches OmniPCX Office 5.0

Alcatel on Tuesday announced the availability of OmniPCX Office 5.0, its IP communication server dedicated to SMBs.

The updated version of OmniPCX Office includes a PC-based attendant console, IP telephony on a local wireless network, new features for multisite SMBs, and a SIP network interface providing intersite links for VoIP and access to further service provider offerings, the company said.

The Office Management Console ensures more efficient centralized and secure systems management at each of the sites through a secure Internet connection. In addition, the Alcatel PIMphony Attendant console application enables SMBs distributed over several sites to centralize call reception at a single site. Using a graphical interface, it provides instant knowledge of the status of all the terminals on the network analog or digital phones, IP or PC wherever they are located.

The Alcatel Omni PCX Office release 5.0 includes a VoWLAN-based solution for wireless telephony over IP. The company said the new offer uses wireless IP terminals that provide the same level of service as its wired digital phones.

The OmniPCX Office 5.0 supports SIP protocol both for intersite voice/data links and for connectivity with next-generation networks.

It is available in North America through Alcatel business partners.


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