BandTel, Zultys Announce Partnership

Two-year-old VoIP company BandTel LLC on Wednesday announced it has signed a partnership agreement with Zultys Technologies, a manufacturer of communications equipment for businesses and enterprises, that allows Zultys channel partners to offer BandTels VoIP solution, and in turn makes Zultys PBX systems available to BandTel enterprise and call center customers.

The company said the agreement certifies that BandTel’s VoIP termination-to-the-PSTN services are compatible with Zultys’ IP PBX media exchange systems the MX30 and MX250.

BandTel’s SIP softswitch technology allows VARs to offer their customers the

ability to receive service from any of BandTel’s global switching centers at any given time, which allows for uninterrupted service, the company said. The company added that customers deploying Zultys PBX systems can take advantage of BandTel’s ability to connect call systems via a trunk-to-trunk transfer, and terminate calls to and from any location in the world, which allows users to unite their global businesses with multiple users in various locations.

The company said that because Zultys’ PBX systems are fully integrated IP PBX systems based on open standards, they seamlessly interoperate with BandTel’s VoIP termination services.

BandTel LLC
Zultys Technologies

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