VoIP Inc. Selects CT ADE to Power Its Verification Service

Voice solutions provider Envox Worldwide has announced that its IVR development tool Envox CT ADE has been selected by VoIP Inc. to power its VoiceOne Enhanced 911 Verification Service.

VoIPs VoiceOne Enhanced 911 service is an FCC-compliant, self-service IVR solution that ensures information accuracy for VoIP-based 911 calls. By calling 555-9191, subscribers can hear the address information that is on file and then either confirm that it is accurate, update the information, or instruct the system that they will be traveling to a particular area during a specific period of time.

Envox CT ADE is a collection of utilities that enables developers to create and deploy computer telephony applications more easily and quickly than using traditional APIs, said the company. It provides integration for advanced speech recognition technologies and an additional programming interface for .NET, Active X, and COM developers.

Using Envox CT ADE as the development tool for its VoiceOne Enhanced 911 Verification Service, VoIP Inc. was able to reduce a typical six-to-nine-month development cycle to just three weeks.

“VoIP Inc. has created an innovative service that fills a huge gap for many VoIP-based service providers,” said Mark D. Flanagan, president and CEO of Envox Worldwide. “We are proud that Envox CT ADE enabled VoIP Inc.’s programmers to develop such a cutting-edge service one that will surely accelerate the adoption of VoIP-based services and increase subscriber confidence.”

The VoiceOne Enhanced 911 service is the industry’s first private network 911 service for broadband and packet communications. It provides five redundant entry points for IP 911 calls to enter the VoiceOne Network through the Internet or private peering. These entry points are placed to provide the shortest path for a phone call originating anywhere in the United States.

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