Samsung BCS Releases IP-Centric WLAN Solution

Samsung Business Communication Systems (BCS) has released the latest addition to its OfficeServ suite, the IP-centric WLAN Solution for wireless convergence.

The IP-centric WLAN Solution comprises an access point, which supports both IEEE 802.11a and IEEE 802.11b/g wireless technologies; Samsung’s WIP-5000M Wireless IP handsets and a media gateway interface card.

This solution allows SMBs to integrate wireless capabilities into their existing wired networks by using the IP-centric WLAN AP in their current WLANs. It further allows SMBs to transition to a different platform using existing wireless handsets, as the companies’ needs change.

“SMBs are starting to recognize that there is more to consider than just
delivering voice and data to the desk when investing in a communications
system, said Steve Gobeli, vice president of the BCS division at Samsung. With in-office wireless being such an advantage, the OfficeServ IP-centric wireless solution is a safe investment that allows companies to migrate to a wireless LAN without losing sleep and money in the process.”

The OfficeServ IP-centric WLAN solution now is available through
Samsung’s dealer network.

Samsung Business Communication Systems

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