WCC Launches BGAN Services in North America

World Communication Center (WCC), a provider of satellite voice and data communications that distributes through dealers, is among the first to sell a range of broadband global area network (BGAN) satellite telephones, networking and broadband Internet equipment, and services for use in the United States.

The company previously was introducing the technologies in Africa and Europe, with the help of Inmarsat, before the Federal Trade Commission last month approved the service for use in North America.

BGAN enables Inmarsat product users to connect to corporate networks, surf the Internet, send text messages, check e-mail and talk on the phone, all at the same time.

Inmarsat provides coverage of almost all of the worlds land mass; BGAN will have service availability worldwide by 2007. BGAN can transmit data globally at speeds of up to half a megabit per second virtually anywhere. WCCs BGAN product line includes the Nera WorldPro 1000, a small, portable Internet satellite communications system.

WCC said it is celebrating BGANs North American debut by offering specials, including up to $1,000 in free telephone air time for the first month on any Inmarsat satellite phone through June 30.

World Communication Center


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