Verizon Wholesale Now Offering De-Tariffed High-Capacity Broadband Services

In a press conference today, Verizon Partner Solutions, the entity formed from the combination of MCI Inc. and Verizons legacy wholesale groups, said it is beginning to enter commercial agreements with its wholesale customers on products for which it recently received regulatory relief.

By taking no action, the FCC on March 19 allowed Verizons request for regulatory relief on its packet-switched broadband services to go into effect. The move was blasted by the competitive industry association, COMPTEL, which said competition and consumers are now at the mercy of Verizon’s financial self-interest.

Quintin Lew, VPS vice president of marketing and product management, told reporters today, What that regulatory freedom allows us to do is produce private terms and conditions from a pricing standpoint, from an SLA standpoint with our carrier customers, so that we can offer services that are non-tariff-based going forward.

Effective immediately, the company is offering private carriage agreements for the services covered in the forbearance petition. These include frame relay, ATM, IP and Ethernet and SONET services above the DS3 capacity level.

Lew said he expects the services to be de-tariffed over the next 90 days. We are very much looking forward to that opportunity and are marshalling resources in our company so that we can implement this over the next 90 days and offer these private carrier agreements to our customers and hopefully offer more competitive pricing and a better value for our end customer.

Lew said VPS has a couple of agreements under way as we speak.

Verizon Partner Solutions

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