Media Reports: BellSouth Wants Retraction

Just days after denying it handed customer phone records over to the government, BellSouth Corp. on Thursday demanded USA Today retract certain parts of the May 11 article that named the company as providing domestic calling records to the National Security Agency, the Wall Street Journal reported.

A USA Today spokesperson confirmed to the Journal it had received a request for an immediate retraction of the articles characterization of BellSouth’s relationship to the NSA.

Earlier this week, USA Today wrote that it had informed BellSouth of the contents of the article the night before it was published, and that BellSouth had did not challenge the account.

Five lawsuits so far have been filed against BellSouth.

According to USA Todays May 11 report, AT&T Inc., BellSouth and Verizon Communications Inc. all gave customer phone records to the NSA, which allegedly was data mining for calling patterns that might point to terrorist plots. Qwest Communications International Inc. was the lone holdout.

AT&T Inc.
BellSouth Corp.
Qwest Communications International Inc.
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