Nokia Unveils New Platform, Announces New Customer

Nokia at TeleManagement World made several announcements, including two regarding a new software platform release and a customer win.

The company has unveiled its software platform that will let network equipment providers, ISVs and systems integrators develop network management solutions more efficiently, which is intended to result in faster market entry. The platform, called Open EMS Suite, cuts down on the time needed for mobile service providers to integrate new network element versions into the network management environment, according to the company.

Open EMS Suite will be released in the fourth quarter of 2006. It is built on Java technology developed on Linux. Nokia said that, because of the new platform, it has collaborated with Sun Microsystems to create a Solaris 10 OS-based implementation of Open EMS Suite, which it is demonstrating alongside the Linux-based system at TeleManagement World.

Meanwhile, Nokia also announced it has won a contract with the Finnish ICT company Elisa. Nokia is providing Elisa with its Unified Device Management service, which will allow Elisa to provide device management services remotely for its corporate customers. Nokia Unified Device Management Solution simplifies the configuration process for mobile services such as messaging and e-mail, and allows companies to remotely install, update and remove software from those devices.

Elisa Corp.
Sun Microsystems

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