Voyence Releases Virtual Design Workspace

Voyence on Monday announced the availability of its Virtual Design Workspace feature.

The tool automates design configuration and compliance testing in software for network devices, the company said at TeleManagement World in Nice, France.

The Virtual Design Workspace enables role-based security, verified change automation, and multilevel workflows for secure collaboration in a virtual design environment. The VoyenceControl NG feature which lets network engineers design new networks or expand existing ones further ensures corporate change processes are being followed and documented, the company said.

Darren Orzechowski, vice president of marketing, said Voyence has taken the pressure off of network engineers by enabling them to design network configurations for entire IT infrastructures in software and ‘road test’ them for policy and regulatory compliance before devices are installed within production networks. The Virtual Design Workspace helps enterprise organizations and service providers confidently embrace new technologies such as VoIP, while reducing the cost of deployments.”



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