Motorola Launches MOTODEV

Motorola Inc. today launched a Web-based developer program, dubbed MOTODEV, which will foster a broader business ecosystem that includes developers, service providers, and business and channel allies.

Motorola will roll out MOTODEV in a phased approach over the next several months. Initially, MOTODEV will consolidate Motorola’s existing developer initiatives beginning with MOTOCODER (a wireless program), iDEN (for Sprint-Nextel) and Horizon (a connected homecable and set-top box program) into one Web site resource, so developers have one portal for access to all things MOTO, from mobile devices to digital set-top boxes.

Upcoming phases will introduce new business service resources to help developers build and market their applications, including richer technical resources and expanded business programs via an open development community.

Service providers and channel partners eventually will be part of the value chain represented in MOTODEV.

Developers will have a range of resources for their marketing needs they need to take their applications to market once they are created, said Christy Wyatt, vice president of ecosystem and market development for Motorola mobile devices.

MOTODEV will provide support by connecting service providers and their channel programs to developers both to educate the developers on how to get to market, such as defining which test requirements are needed for which platform, and to provide developers ways to tap partner programs that can be used as a sales channel for their applications.

The vendor said this holistic approach will help foster innovation in application development and delivery by connecting developers with tools, SDKs and clearly defined go-to-market initiatives for a variety of products, so they can tap into new business opportunities across the full range of Motorola platforms. The idea feeds into Motorolas convergence vision, where applications become an experience that follows the user on the go, at work and in the home.

We want to lend the support and infrastructure to enable that seamless mobility vision, said Wyatt.

Our goal is to provide a good user experience in software integrated with the hardware, she continued. When we look at that software innovation we need to differentiate our products, it comes from within the company but also from third parties that make games and applications and music and more. So were giving those developers a way to see everything end-to-end, so they can think about new kinds of solutions across the communications continuum, as opposed to point products.

Motorola Inc.

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