Highdeal Targets IPTV

Highdeal has introduced new pricing and packaging capabilities for IPTV and next-generation video services, available to incumbent cable and DBS providers as well as new entrants.

The solution support broadcast, video on demand and IP-based video services. Capabilities include full support for a la carte and lifestyle offers; tiered PPV pricing; real-time prepaid and e-wallets; network DVR pay-per-use; subscriber-managed, real-time controls; third-party settlement to prevent entertainment bypass; and tailored SMB and corporate offers.

Highdeals pricing and rating solution uses existing billing and SMS systems, so service providers can introduce new video offers and incorporate third-party services without disruption to their existing operational systems.

Next-generation video services require a robust pricing and packaging platform that allow product managers to maximize the revenue potential in their offerings and their broadcast partnerships, said Douglas Lloyd, CEO of IPTV provider PureNet.TV. Highdeals solution provides the most comprehensive and flexible video packaging solution available in the marketplace.

Highdeal, whose customers also include MVNOs, VoIP providers and ASPs, provides integrated simulation capabilities that enable front office staff to analyze the profitability of new offers and the potential effect of cannibalization before going to market.

Highdeal Inc.


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