ACE*COMM Addresses Hyperconvergence

ACE*COMM Corp. has launched N*VISION 2 (NV2), the next generation of the companys convergent mediation solution, targeted to multi-network and multi-technology environments.

NV2 uses advanced technologies and techniques to control, moderate and facilitate the interactive communication between multiple network technologies and software support systems, while supporting critical legacy network and infrastructure investments.

NV2 is the industrys first hyperconvergent platform, said Chris Couch, ACE*COMMs CMO. Our established service provider customers want to take advantage of new network technologies without sacrificing existing OSS infrastructure. They want to tap into new services like MMS, phone-based gaming, IPTV and VoIP to increase revenues, expand market share, and increase customer loyalty while still extracting returns on their existing network investments. NV2 was developed with these challenges in mind.

The NV2 product suite removes traditional application barriers and enables the simultaneous and multi-directional flow of information, the company said.

NV2 is a suite of products that can be purchased and installed in any order and in any combination. Each product is pre-integrated with the other components for fast and easy installation but is also fully functional as a stand-alone application.

NV2 is composed of the following core products:

Data Collection is the gateway from the network, collecting all network available information including events (data, usage), configuration, SS7, metrics and so on, directly from network elements. Data Collection provides a single and consistent interface with the service providers network for the collection of all data relative to the NEs deployed within that network.

The Activation Gateway provides a single, coherent, convergent platform for the provisioning and activation of services on the physical network. It controls and secures network access ensuring only authorized individuals are granted access and that all provisioning requests are processed in a timely and efficient manner.

Intelligent Charging provides the means to compute values based on current business intelligence. Computed values may represent charges associated with delivered services, content cost, loyalty points or any other unit that represents a value to a service provider or its customers.

Advanced Mediation handles the acquisition, validation, transformation and transportation of business intelligence data. Advanced Mediation provides a multi-directional routing mechanism by which information acquired may be disseminated throughout the carriers enterprise.


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