AirMagnet Unveils Vo-WLAN Analysis Tool

AirMagnet Inc. has unveiled the AirMagnet Vo-Fi Analyzer, a voice-over-WLAN analysis tool.

VoWLAN requires a reliable, predictable network and is more susceptible than regular data traffic to issues such as jitter and packet loss. VoWLAN problems can be caused by different sources, including the handset, wired or wireless network, QoS settings or call manager.

AirMagnet’s Vo-Fi Analyzer detects voice problems at the source and determines their origin, the company said. It monitors every call from end to end, going beyond the traditional boundary of wireless to integrate with the call manager, or IP PBX. It further validates and monitors QoS for all devices on the network. Users can see the relative amount of voice and data traffic, identify mismatched QoS settings and ensure all traffic is handled according to QoS prioritization standards. QoS configuration validation guarantees that wireless access points and wire-side devices are configured to meet the technical QoS specifications for VoWLAN.

The AirMagnet Vo-Fi Analyzer starts at $15,000 in the United States and will be available by July.

AirMagnet Inc.


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