TeleCIS Wireless Introduces Chip for Fixed and Portable Consumer Devices

TeleCIS Wireless Inc., developer of multiprotocol wireless broadband chips, today announced at Broadband Wireless World in Las Vegas the introduction of its TCW 1620 chip, which is based on the standard (IEEE 802.16-2004) for fixed WiMAX services.

The chip enables consumers to buy and install their own fixed indoor equipment — which makes the residential market more viable for carriers — and also allows portable connectivity via PC cards and small USB devices while traveling away from their homes or offices.

TeleCIS Wireless expects the portability to be appealing to network operators because a WiMAX system or network supporting classic last-mile access applications also can support portable operation, therefore addressing a larger market need than does a strictly fixed WiMAX implementation that must be plugged in or bolted to walls.

Available to customers in May, the TCW 1620 chip will provide more than just the WiMAX Mandatory compliance features and even more than the WiMAX Optional features; and the tightly integrated ASIC has the built-in ability to support a two-antenna (Rx and Tx) multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) consumer device with a single chip, delivering high performance in a non-line-of-sight environment and the lowest bill of materials cost for fixed and portable equipment vendors, described TeleCIS Wireless.

Evolving to full mobility, TeleCIS will introduce its second chip, the TCW 2720, delivering WiMAX (802.16e) Mobile/WiBro, Wi-Fi, MIMO and smart antenna functionality in a single chip designed for handheld devices. This chip will allow end users to seamlessly connect to the most appropriate network, anytime and anywhere and provide a compelling solution for WiMAX operators and user terminal device manufacturers as well, the company said.

TeleCIS Wireless Inc

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