KeaneTel Introduces Master Agency in a Box

Master agency KeaneTel today introduced its Master Agent Partner (MAP) program and announced some upgrades to its sales partner program.

MAP is a master agency in a box, according to KeaneTel. It targets agents wanting to become masters. A master agent partner typically has its own back-office services and ability to support subagents. In return, that company participates in KeaneTel carrier contracts, and gets paid 100 percent of all commissions, spiffs and bonuses paid by the carrier, KeaneTel said.

Master agent partners do not have to sign carrier contracts or reach volume commitments, according to KeaneTel. They are KeaneTel licensees, not subagents, which means they work with carrier reps, have access to all carrier tools and Web sites, and can take part in carrier training.

It costs $295 per month for companies to act as master agent partners.

Meanwhile, KeaneTel also has made changes to its sales partner program. Those agents receive the same benefits as MAP participants, according to KeaneTel; they also get access to the companys order processing tool, which includes breakdowns on commissions for agents and subagents. As of this summer, the portal will be rebrandable.

KeaneTel also has added back-office support for its sales partners, making it possible for a KeaneTel rep to take care of escalations, quotes and orders. Other changes include access to KeaneTels affinity leads and a six-month period before payment is due. Participation in KeaneTels sales partner program starts at $600 per month.



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