PayPal Launches Mobile Purchasing Service

PayPal, part of online auction giant eBay Inc., on Thursday introduced PayPal Mobile, a text message-based service that lets consumers in the United States and Canada send money using their mobile devices.

People also can buy items using PayPal Mobiles Text to Buy service. Companies including 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Bravo, MTV and the NBA Store already are offering goods available through Text to Buy. PayPal Mobile also lets users give charities including Amnesty International, Starlight Starbright and UNICEF.

With the overwhelming popularity of mobile phones, the time has never been better for the merging of ecommerce and wireless devices, said PayPal President Jeff Jordan.

To use PayPal Mobile, customers first activate their telephones by logging into their PayPal accounts online. After registering their mobile telephone numbers, users enter a PIN, which protects every mobile payment, the company said. PayPal Mobile users make payments by sending a text message to PayPal. PayPal calls the user back to confirm the mobile payment, and then sends the money to the recipient. In the case of a Text to Buy purchase, after the merchant receives the payment, the item is shipped to the address already saved in the users PayPal account.



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