TCS Launches New Location Services

TeleCommunication Systems Inc. (TCS) at CTIA introduced two new services for wireless carriers and MVNOs to offer to subscribers: TCS Places and TCS Handset Locator.

TCS Places gives on-the-go subscribers instant access to their content and services. The TCS Places application works with existing location infrastructure, whether tower-triangulation or GPS satellite. Newspapers, travel services, local content providers and media companies now can offer content based on a subscriber’s location.

TCS Handset Locator lets carriers offer a “find my cell phone” service so users can locate missing or stolen handsets. Subscribers go to a Web site to find the phones last location determine the battery level. When the phone reaches a critically low battery level, the service automatically determines the handset’s location so the user can access information on the last known location. The service is billed monthly or on a per-use basis. TCS Handset Locator will be available later this year.



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