Harris MCD Enhances Wireless Backhaul

Harris Corp.s Microwave Communications Division has added remote capacity control and new security management features to its flagship Truepoint digital microwave radio platform for backhaul.

Remote capacity control enables operators to “pay as you grow” on any Truepoint microwave link, by scaling capacity where and when it is needed, giving granular control to optimize network resources. Operators can thus adapt to the dynamic traffic flows incurred by IP-based services, such as 3G and High-Speed Download Packet Access (HSDPA), which require substantially more capacity than previous voice and data services.

By providing the capability remotely, Harris eliminates truck rolls and reduces the time required by an operator to adjust fluctuating network capacity requirements.

The secure network management features announced today enable wireless operators to remotely manage any Truepoint platform anywhere in the world using a broad selection of security protocols, and also gives them the ability to create pre-defined access permissions with Remote Authentication Dial-In User Services (RADIUS) and event-logging capabilities.

To provide a history of activity for each individual platform, Truepoint uses an enhanced event logger to track all events. Every alarm state change, configuration and control state change, the identity of the user modifying the configuration/control of each Truepoint platform, and the applications used to access the devices, are recorded.

Harris Corp.


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