BatteryCorp Signs Deal with Lucent, Unveils Audit Program

BatteryCorp Inc., a provider of lifecycle management solutions for network battery backup systems, today unveiled the Sensible and Sound Power Emergency Backup Power Audit program for mobile network operators.

Lucent Technologies Inc. will act as a channel partner for BatteryCorp and will integrate the Sensible and Sound program into the Lucent Worldwide Services network power portfolio.

The Sensible and Sound program is a result of mobile carriers needs to ensure that the network can continue to provide service if primary power systems fail due to hurricanes, homeland security breaches and other disasters. The program audits the back-up battery systems that power mobile communications infrastructure in the event of a power failure.

Technicians perform a comprehensive examination of customers back-up DC power systems and provide carriers with a detailed analysis of their back-up power units, including information about site conditions, current power status and DC power load requirements for each audited location.

Cingular Wireless, Sprint-Nextel Corp. and T-Mobile USA are the first customers to sign up for the service.

Carriers can use the service to determine if the present site configuration can provide the level and duration of backup desired in emergency outage situations. After a detailed site inspection, if there is a need for increased capacity, BatteryCorp provides recommended solutions based on the overall site characteristics and power needs. BatteryCorp also goes beyond the batteries, inspecting all emergency power related equipment to ensure each component can work at its optimal level and remains free of damage or wear that could impede performance.

As an integral part of the audit program, BatteryCorps OMS BatteryTrak technology provides verification, quantification and logging of all testing and installation results. Customers have immediate online access to detailed reports and analysis on all aspects of their backup power systems.

Data from the Electric Power Research Institute shows that as much as $164 billion is lost annually across all business sectors due to power interruptions, said Steven Dworkin, CEO of BatteryCorp. To provide service when its needed, carriers must understand the overall health of the back-up power systems that keep communications infrastructure working during an emergency. BatteryCorps Sensible and Sound Emergency Power Audit program provides a comprehensive view into remote sites from individual battery status to the specific layout of each remote site and provides mobile operators with a clear picture of back-up power capacity for each cell site they operate.

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