Veraz Reduces IMS Migration Risks With New ControlSwitch Functionality

Veraz Networks Inc. announced new ControlSwitch functionality that will enable service providers to evolve from traditional voice networks to IMS-compliant next-generation networks without sacrificing existing service infrastructure and investment.

The new Service Control Multi-Protocol (SCMP) capabilities unify the service layer, allowing service providers to mix and match their legacy intelligent network services, such as toll-free and national do-not-call, with new multimedia services, such as messaging and presence. The flexibility of SCMP enables multiple services to be initiated within the same call.

Creating a unified service layer across an evolving network that contains legacy and next-generation infrastructure is a significant challenge to service providers because it requires the interoperation of two disparate architectures, the company said. Veraz’s ControlSwitch is able to integrate with and leverage the existing value-added services infrastructure because the ControlSwitch is fully programmable and can be adapted rapidly to meet the setup of a given network.

“It is difficult to justify the move to IMS in the absence of a migration strategy that fully leverages existing investments in legacy service architectures,” said Brian Partridge, senior analyst with Yankee Group. “By supporting a unified service layer in their latest release of the ControlSwitch, Veraz is delivering the service layer flexibility required to justify the move to IMS architectures today.”

Also, SCMP capabilities allow a call originating from a voice-over-broadband network to access both the service provider’s legacy services as well as new IMS multimedia services.

“We recognize that evolving to a multiservice network must be done while protecting continuity of existing services,” said Doug Sabella, CEO of Veraz. “Our flexible and extensible IMS-compliant ControlSwitch is uniquely capable of enabling the introduction of new services while systematically migrating a service providers’ network. Service continuity reduces the technological and financial risks of evolving complex networks to IMS by allowing the providers to take a more gradual, controlled path while benefiting from a return on their new investment each step of the way.”

Veraz Networks Inc.

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