LINX Debuts Peering Review Software

The London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the world’s largest exchange points, said today that ISPs and NSPs can explore in advance the business advantages of peering through an Internet exchange point.

LINX and solutions partner Renesys Corp. have launched LINX Peering Professional, a peering review software tool that enables a prospective new member of LINX to evaluate the benefits of membership.

Comprising two elements, Peer Finder and What if Routes, LINX Peering Professional is a world first in the Internet peering arena. Developed by Renesys specifically for LINX, the solution integrates with LINX’s Web site. The solution will be made available to prospective members via a secure web portal that requires authentication.

Prospective LINX members can use Peer Finder to generate a list of current LINX members who would be ideal peering partners. The recommended peerings are based on the stated objectives of the prospective member, such as better connectivity to certain regions and traffic shedding.

What if Routes takes the proposed new peerings generated through Peer Finder and categorizes the likely changes to inbound and outbound routings, giving prospective new members an estimate of the overall impact of the proposed peerings on traffic.

Mutually owned by its members, LINX connects the networks of more than 200 content delivery and ISPs so that traffic may flow more efficiently between them. The company is one of the largest exchange points globally, measured both in terms of the traffic that passes over its network and the Internet routes that are directly accessible from its peering LAN.

London Internet Exchange (LINX)

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