Syndesis New IMS Solution Eases Service Creation, Migration

Syndesis Ltd., the worldwide leader in Convergent Service Delivery Management (CSDM) solutions, announced at TelecomNEXT the Syndesis IMS Foundation, a solution bundle facilitating rapid service creation and seamless migration to next-generation service delivery architectures based on IMS. Now with IMS Foundation, Syndesis allows users to activate services involving applications and network connectivity with one simple-to-use platform.

IMS Foundation builds on the following capabilities and extends its service delivery management solutions to support IMS architectures, including:

  • Simple, unified control over applications and connectivity, providing a management plane that bridges the IMS layers and enables active management of QoS needed to ensure service integrity
  • Pragmatic evolution to the next-generation of service delivery, including IMS and support for service delivery platforms, in a nondisruptive manner that leverages existing systems and processes
  • A clear migration path to IMS and hybrid IMS architectures, including support for SDP-based pre-IMS service delivery infrastructures
  • Massive scalability required to support subscriber-initiated activation requests and other self-service capabilities for new applications and existing application configuration changes

IMS will have a revolutionary impact on communications services and Syndesis is ensuring that service providers will be able to realize the significant business benefits promised by IMS, said Mark Nicholson, CTO for Syndesis. At the same time, the transformation to IMS must be controlled and logical, and Syndesis IMS Foundation enables a smooth and seamless migration to IMS or hybrid IMS architectures.

IMS Foundation includes:

  • A network-aware and service-aware discovery and activation engine
  • NetOptimizer, which simplifies the mass migration of services to new infrastructure
  • IP Extensibility Module, a long-awaited IP service creation and delivery component that dramatically simplifies the introduction of new IP services

Unlike systems that try to design and activate services based on offline representations of the network, Syndesis solutions are fully integrated into the industrys most advanced bidirectional discovery and activation engine, which enables all actions to be driven from live, as is views of the actual network and services, according to the company. As a result, Syndesis solutions achieve massive throughput and scalability. Syndesis has enabled first-time-right fulfillment processes across its worldwide customer base, significantly enhancing the competitive position and profitability of these industry-leading service providers.

Syndesis Ltd.

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