Siemens Brings Carrier-Class Ethernet, IMS to U.S. Market

Siemens Communications Inc. this week at TelecomNEXT is introducing carrier-class Ethernet gear and an IMS solution to the U.S. market. The company also has a new ADSL2+ gateway featuring smart antenna technology.

The vendor announced today it has brought its family of SURPASS hiD Carrier Ethernet products — which is already in use by more than 10 operators throughout Asia and Europe, including at Deutsche Telekom — to the United States. At the show, Siemens is showing the gear delivering triple-play services.

Ofer Nir, director of product technical marketing for Siemens, says that unlike some other vendors, Siemens is not pushing for MPLS, which he says can scale only to so many routers — in the access part of the network, although its gear can be used to accomplish that if the customer wants it. Instead, Siemens suggests a network that employs carrier-class Ethernet from the access to the core part of the network and uses MPLS just in the core is the most cost-effective solution.

To reduce carrier capex and opex, the Siemens solution offloads traffic from the edge device so video traffic doesn’t have to go through the edge device, which is a more expensive piece of gear than the aggregation boxes, Nir explains. He says rather than requiring a bunch of edge devices to handle QoS, policy and multicast functionality, Siemens puts that all in its aggregation gear, so it’s a less expensive solution to begin with and the service provider needs fewer aggregation boxes than edge devices.

The carrier-class Ethernet gear from Siemens also offers VLAN manipulation; VLAN switching; VLAN ring, offering sub-50 millisecond resiliency end-to-end; and VLAN QoS capability, he says.

In other news this week from Siemens, the company unveiled version 2.1 of its IMS solution. New with this release is its adaptation for the U.S. marketing, including cable companies, and its ability to leverage the company’s OpenScape presence-aware, real-time communications software suite. Siemens’ IMS solution is now in trials with several East Coast service providers, which are expected to announce Siemens as a vendor for this in the spring, according to the equipment provider.

Meanwhile, Siemens’ new ADSL2+ gateway featuring smart antenna technology, in lab trials now, will be generally available later this year. The built-in wireless technology is designed to avoid interference with in-home appliance and other wireless access points. It also offers better coverage than a standard Wi-Fi solution, according to Siemens.

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