General Bandwidth Changes Name, Expands Product Line

General Bandwidth Inc., a provider of innovative converged-services infrastructure for the communications industry, has changed its name to GENBAND.

Its much more than simply a name change, the company said; GENBAND is bringing new additions to its products and solutions portfolio.

Included in its expanded product line are the C2 Signaling Controller and S4 Applications Server. GENBAND also offers its award-winning G6 Universal Media Gateway, which provides Class 5, trunking and access gateway functions. The companys new C2 and S4 products follow in the steps of the G6 platform by allowing service providers to gain the benefits of truly distributed, open-standards and highly interoperable, IMS-compatible networks.

Many service providers have delayed or slowed their VoIP deployments due to the high cost and complexity of feature platforms. With GENBANDs C2 platform, SIP networks are bridged directly to the PSTN over SS7, allowing the use of low-cost intermachine trunks instead of expensive PRIs for PSTN access.

Like the C2, GENBANDs S4 Applications Server mitigates cost and complexity barriers, enabling rapid, distributed consumer VoIP deployments. Fully supporting both traditional Class 5 as well as new services such as Web portals, the S4 platform scales readily with service provider needs, allowing cost-effective and easy-to-deploy VoIP in even the smallest markets.

GENBANDs G6, C2 and S4 platforms go beyond providing voice in a re-packaged version of the PSTN and beyond todays IMS products by enabling highly scalable, distributed, fast-to-market VoIP and multimedia solutions, said the company.

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