Coaxsys, XAVi Unveil New Modem

Coaxsys, an IPTV and multimedia networking company, said at VON it has released a TVnet-integrated modem for use in home IPTV deployments. Coaxsys developed the modem with the help of XAVi Technologies, a provider of ADSL CPE.

The new device includes integrated TVnet technology and a coax interface that enable operators to use existing coaxial cable to distribute IPTV throughout a subscriber’s premise.

Since introducing TVnet IPTV networking solutions for telephone companies in early 2005, Coaxsys said it has acquired 75 telco customers. XAVi’s new modem has integrated the TVnet technology found in the IPTV 7000 product line and offers 70mbps of minimum sustained throughput for IPTV delivery.

The plug-and-play modem integrates TVnet by way of a mini-PCI card inside the modem’s casing.

XAVi Technologies Corp.



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