Broadwing Announces Fiber-Based, Real-Time Media Multicast Solution

Broadwing Communications LLC, a consolidated subsidiary of Broadwing Corp., today announced the availability of North America’s largest fiber-based, real-time media multicast solution that allows media and broadcasting outlets to more efficiently and cost-effectively distribute media content to multiple locations.

The service is available from any of Broadwing’s 180-plus network PoPs. Managed by Broadwing’s Television Operations Center, the DTM multicast solution combines the best aspects of existing point-to-multipoint technologies without complexity, inefficiency or security concerns.

“Our customers can leverage this unique service using their native media applications without the need to introduce a higher layer protocol, such as ATM or IP,” said Del Bothof, vice president and general manager of Broadwing’s media services group. “Our DTM multicast technology is a highly efficient and reliable customer solution like having a satellite solution on the ground.”

Broadwing’s DTM Multicast solution delivers optimized, asymmetrical bandwidth provisioning with 100 percent QoS, which makes much more efficient use of network resources and translates into better price and performance for customers. Coupled with the flexibility to easily allocate bandwidth in 512kbps increments from 1mbps to 1gbps, customers truly only pay for exactly what they use.

Broadwing Corporation

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