VoX Announces New VoIP Wholesale Customers

VoX Communications Corp., eLEC Communications Corp.’s wholesale and retail provider of VoIP services nationwide, has signed wholesale agreements with four new service providers: AllegroTel, Dedicated Network Solutions LLC, OIS Data and UniversalCall.

According to In-Stat, there will be 55 million VoIP subscribers worldwide by 2009, generating over $17 billion in annual revenue.

Today, it’s no longer a question of whether to offer VoIP; it’s a question of how to do it and how quickly and cost effectively it can be done, said VoX’s President and CIO Mark Richards. We’ve seen a sharp increase in demand from various types of service providers who are ready to seize new opportunities for revenue growth and customer acquisition that VoIP can offer. VoX provides these companies with a lightening fast path to delivering clear, reliable and feature-rich VoIP services that are tailored to their specific requirements and market demands.

According to Richards, VoXs ability to react quickly to the needs of its wholesale customers is the result of careful product design. All VoX customer interfaces and back-office systems were built on the assumption that no two wholesale opportunities would be exactly alike. Our software is extremely replicable and automated, yet offers a level of flexibility that is essential in a private-label offering, added Richards.

OIS Data, a provider of Web hosting solutions and related services, will wholesale VoX’s IP origination and termination services. AllegroTel, Dedicated Network Solutions and UniversalCall are private-labeling VoX’s hosted VoIP solutions to reach a nationwide market with high-quality broadband phone services quickly and cost effectively.

VoX VoIP services fit perfectly with our offering, giving our customers the convenience of a single, trusted provider for both broadband connectivity and phone service, said Matthew Hosford, vice president of technical support at Dedicated Network Solutions. Dedicated Network Solutions is a privately owned and operated ISP.

Felix Medina, president and CEO of UniversalCall, added, We’ve worked with other wholesale providers who claim to be plug-and-play. Based on our previous experiences, we asked the VoX team to let their product speak for itself and we were instantly sold! VoX’s VoIP services give us the ability to offer true plug-and-play broadband phone service that meets our expectations and the expectations of our customers.

VoX provides its wholesale VoIP solutions to cable operators, carriers, ISPs, CLECs, resellers and wireless operators.

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