TelCove Continues to Expand Network Reach and Density

TelCove (Booth 1411), a leading provider of business critical telecommunications services to enterprise customers and carriers, experienced extensive network growth throughout 2005. TelCoves Carrier Server group, which offers a broad array of wholesale service products, now offers carrier customers significantly more reach and coverage across TelCoves 70 interconnected markets.

TelCove expansion includes:

Total markets served, which have grown from 52 to 70 markets as a result of the acquisition of KMC Telecoms markets, customers and network assets, and expanded from four operating regions to five

Buildings served, which have increased from approximately 3,300 to over 3,800 a 15 percent increase

PoPs and LSOs connected, which have risen from 400 to well over 500

During 2005, TelCove greatly improved [its] ranking compared to the largest national and regional competitive service providers, said Brian Lippold, vice president of TelCoves Carrier Services Group. In terms of markets served, total network metro miles, total long haul miles, and buildings on-net, TelCove ranks either No. 1 or No. 2 nationally compared to other major competitive providers.

Additionally, TelCove is allocating a significant capital budget in 2006 to further extend our network to new customers, always increasing our reach and density boosting TelCoves buildings on-net and the metro miles in service for our carrier customers.

Carriers can choose from TelCoves industry-leading metro and intercity Ethernet services, other local and intercity transport services, colocation, IP services, voice services, and wholesale frame and ATM data services. TelCoves 22,000 miles of fiber-optic network connect its markets from Burlington, Vt. and South Florida, to Houston and Wichita, Kan., and many locations in between.

TelCoves Carrier Services Group specifically is aligned to focus on providing the highest level of service and support to CLECs, ISPs, MSOs, IXCs, international carriers and wireless providers.

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