Profitec Releases VoIP-Specific Offerings

Profitec Billing Services (Booth 1119) has announced the release of its newest product offerings tailored to meet the billing and OSS requirements of a wide array of VoIP service providers.

Profitecs OmniVON combines service bureau billing, CRM, customer care, trouble management, provisioning, online order entry and electronic bill presentment into a single integrated solution paid for on an as-you-drink basis.

As a service bureau offering tailored to startup VoIP communications companies, OmniVON has modest startup expenses and very low minimums.

For more than 20 years Profitec has been successfully working with hundreds of telecommunications companies to meet billing and administrative software requirements for a wide range of service providers, said Randy Minervino, vice president of sales and marketing. We currently support almost 30 traditional telephony providers who have added VoIP to their current product portfolio. This has allowed us to demonstrate that our traditional OmniBill offering can successfully mix legacy products with voice over network applications to produce integrated billing and administrative solutions.

Profitec has brought online many new client companies that do not offer traditional telephony products and may not have the requisite infrastructure and industry experience helpful to facilitate the success of their business strategies. For new businesses entering this complex marketplace, there are many facets of their business which require critical attention, said Minervino. For them, our goal is to take on as much of their billing and support requirements as possible in order to free them to concentrate on launching their business, recruiting and training a sales force and formulating their marketing attack strategies.

It has been our experience that traditional telephony providers are operating in a mature environment utilizing a ready pool of trained product sales people marketing proven technology to a receptive customer base, he added.

However, due to the latency of voice-over-network offerings, consumers are cautiously adapting to the opportunity and existing telephony sales people need to be re-educated on the technology and capabilities of this important new medium. Technical aspects need to be assimilated and ultimately presented to the prospect community in a non-threatening manner. This alone requires great effort and expense to new service providers, who may also be engaged in recruiting, training and filling support positions.

New wholesale service providers continually are entering the marketplace leading to very nonstandard back-office procedures, which are continually changing, said Minervino. Dealing with underlying wholesale providers requires a great deal of flexibility, and service initiation processes, which may require site surveys and other technical aspects. It has been our experience that now more than ever new market entrants require service providers who can take on as much of the responsibility as necessary to help them achieve their strategic business directions. To help make it easy on this potential customer segment we are releasing a group of product offerings which de-emphasize traditional telephony components and focus almost exclusively on voice-over-network requirements.

Profitecs OmniVON combines market-proven VON billing and customer care capabilities; agent-based online order entry and sales management tools; and consumer-oriented EBPP systems into a single integrated solution.

Profitec provides server and Web-based software systems as well as service bureau billing and print/mail facilities.

OmniBill ASP goes one step further and eliminates the need for client-provided IT infrastructure by providing a hosted OmniBill option while providing OmniAgent and OmniView software, which can operate on a clients Web server.

Hosted OmniBill enables client-powered customer service, provisioning and all other administrative components.

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