Panasonic Releases Toughbook Wireless Display

Panasonic has introduced the Toughbook Wireless Display, a durable, lightweight thin-client computing device designed to improve workforce automation, and field and customer service operations, for the telecommunications and cable industries.

Weighing in at 2.6 lbs and equipped with a 10.4-inch LCD, the Toughbook Wireless Display has no local software applications. Instead, it wirelessly accesses applications which reside on another computing resource. It is aimed at central office technicians needing floor-to-floor mobile access to information. Meanwhile, in the field, the Wireless Display can link up in a peer-to-peer configuration with another Toughbook, for troubleshooting from inaccessible locations.

The Wireless Display also has retail or point of sale applications; it can be architected to support multiple users connected to a single server or wireless infrastructure. The solution works with Citrix Metaframe, Windows Server or Web servers accessible via Wi-Fi WLANs.

The touch-screen device has no hard disk drive and includes an optional finger print scanner. The Wireless Display supports access to peripheral devices through Bluetooth technology. And, like rugged Toughbook notebooks, the Wireless Display has been tested to resist drops, shock and vibration and is fully sealed to military specifications.



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