Network Insight Showcases Control Solution

San Diego-based Network Insight, a provider of network infrastructure and operations consulting and managed services for service providers, said on Monday at COMPTEL it now offers technology for implementing content control and shaping methods for service providers.

The companys control solution includes:

Consulting for service control

Customized solutions for traffic monitoring

Training for service providers on service control equipment and reporting

Managed services

A well-built IP network enhanced with service-control capabilities allows providers to do things such as test service offerings, trial pricing models, and promote services without incurring business risks associated with single-purpose network buildouts, said Chris Pond, Network Insight president and CEO. Implementing a service control solution will have a direct and positive effect on a service providers bottom line while also benefiting the end user with new services at lower costs.

In addition to decreased costs for network services and products, subscribers also get guaranteed QoS, the company said. Since traffic can be identified and flagged at the application layer, service providers can give top priority to each customers application, such as VoIP, while assigning lower priority to less important applications such as P2P.

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