NetCracker Launches Cross-Domain Manager, SDP Support

NetCracker Technology Corp. announced the Cross-Domain Manager at TelecomNEXT as well as support for IMS service delivery platforms.

The Cross-Domain framework allows operators to bring in new services without disturbing existing OSS components, whether that be legacy, new, third-party or bespoke. The manager orchestrates the back office to deliver new services such as IPTV and multimedia content.

The issue is time-to-market, said Sanjay Mewada, vice president of strategy at NetCracker. An operator must overhaul the OSS or bring in new components, and that bogs things down. This allows them to deliver new services now and migrate the back office to new core OSS over time.

The Cross-Domain Manager receives orders from the order management system, then mines and transforms data from existing systems to fulfill the functions for service delivery.

Most OSS is compartmental and multivendor, said Mewada. Stitching it together for a next-generation service can be overwhelming. We can provide a solution.

NetCracker also announced an interface that service delivery platforms can query to determine if resources are present to deliver an IMS-enabled service.

IMS SDPs allow carriers to open up service environments so that users can customize their communications preferences. They also perform service brokering to deliver services over any network at any time. The implications of enabling that dynamic reconfiguration on-the-fly for the back office can be extreme.

Any new initiative on the operator side requires looking at the network domain, checking for the right devices, integration and, finally, looking at the OSS implications, said Mewada. So we are trying to address the resource and service configuration requirements.

NetCracker Technologies Corp.

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