ILD Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Like COMPTEL, ILD (Booth 709) too is celebrating an anniversary. The company has announced its 10th anniversary, highlighting a decade in which it has seen tremendous growth while maintaining financial stability.

At the time ILD was formed in 1996, the company was solely a switchless reseller of long-distance and operator services. Later, ILD added other services with the acquisition of the operator services division of WorldCom in August 1997. Along with that acquisition came a set of LEC billing agreements, the central assets from which ILDs payment services division evolved.

In December 1997, ILD acquired InterLink, a prepaid calling card provider with the infrastructure to support alternative payment options, such as prepaid calling for medical and correctional facilities and payphone operators. The company added more than a dozen such prepaid providers from 1997 to 2000, and in 2001, that operation expanded further with the addition of the global travel card business of Cable & Wireless and the infrastructure that supports it.

2001 saw the addition of a third division, the ILD ROLLCALL Business Conferencing division. ROLLCALL uses Avaya Inc. bridges to provide automated and live conferencing services, Web conferencing and collaboration to enterprise accounts, agents and resellers, as well as disaster recovery for larger carriers.

The company has processed securely more than $2 billion through its payment division, clearing all kinds of communication-related services, including voice, content and value-added services.

For example, ILD provides many payment options for customers of EarthLink Inc., offering check by phone, LEC billing or phone billing. This means the monthly charge for EarthLinks ISP services can be put on the customers local phone bill. This also allows local phone companies to open their bills to a wide range of services, from ISPs and messaging to online periodicals and other subscription communication services. Today, ILDs alternatives to the credit cards now help service providers and merchants reach new markets using the monthly phone bill.

According to Eddie Brooks, CFO of ILD, To survive and grow in this industry, we had to make sure we managed the business efficiently. We run each division as an autonomous business with corporate oversight and direction. This management strategy has proven to be successful across the board because each division treats every dollar like their own. We are in a strong financial position right now, and thats in part due to the fiscal responsibility in this structure.

Brooks added, We had to show our customers that we could operate efficiently so they could be reassured that we would be around tomorrow. We got to know their various products and related business practices, and then developed innovative tools to help them manage and grow their businesses, just as we are growing our own. We strive to be the least-cost provider of the most innovative products in the industry.

ILD is celebrating its Decade of Excellence with various new business promotions for the COMPTEL community, like its a referral program, which pays customers 10 percent of any 10 leads that generate new business.

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