FPL FiberNet Showcases New Subsidiary, ENUM Offering

FPL FiberNet (Booth 1221) this week showcased sister company FiberNet Telecom Group Inc.s Availius subsidiary and Phonomenum offering at COMPTEL PLUS.

With a diverse portfolio of services for network operators and data facility user, Availius custom designs, implements and manages network, infrastructure and business solutions to solve critical business issues.

Phonomenum, launched last October, is an ENUM-based technology platform that enables carriers, cable operators and VoIP service providers to establish peering connections and exchange VoIP traffic.

Phonomenum answers the challenge of interconnecting multiple voice-over-IP service providers to directly exchange VoIP traffic, said Ernest Hoffmann, vice president of engineering for FiberNet. This platform also incorporates a carrier-class implementation of ENUM to address the need for an extremely reliable, highly scalable service that can handle hundreds of millions of phone numbers as demand for VoIP service grows.

ENUM refers to the Internet Engineering Task Force protocol that maps telephone numbers to resources on the Internet in much the same way a Domain Name System architecture maps domain names and host names to IP addresses. It is a key technology that enables VoIP calls to be routed directly between VoIP providers.

FPL FiberNet is a wholesale carrier in Florida. FiberNet Telecom Group owns and operates integrated interconnection facilities and diverse transport routes in the two gateway markets of New York/New Jersey and Los Angeles, designed to provide comprehensive broadband interconnectivity, enabling the exchange of traffic over multiple networks.

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