DCI Voice Solutions Expands Least-Cost Routing Tables

DCI Voice Solutions (Booth 612) announced it has expanded its Least-Cost Routing Table to include additional routing capabilities in response to a wide range of client quality and pricing requirements. The new tables, referred to as DCILCR, offer clients comprehensive access to multiple carriers through five specialty routing products: Select, Premium and Economy Domestic, and Select and Premium International.

International calls terminated through U.S. domestic products will be routed through DCIs Select International LCR table. The domestic tiers are as follows:

Select: This table is DCIs original U.S. domestic LCR platform and was developed to provide access to multiple carriers offering a balance of price and quality. This is DCIs standard U.S. domestic product and the U.S. domestic component of DCILCRs Premium International product. VoIP carriers and aggregators are among the list of providers targeted.

Premium Domestic: Large carriers, including ILECs and CLECs, can use expanded features such as LRN availability.

Economy Domestic: This product was designed for the most aggressive pricing needs.

As for international, U.S. domestic calls terminated through Premium International will be routed through DCIs Select U.S. domestic product. Calls terminated through Select International can be used in conjunction with any of the three DCILCR U.S. domestic products.

Select International: This is DCIs original international LCR platform and is the companion to DCIs Select U.S. domestic product. As DCIs standard international product, Select International serves as the international component of DCILCRs U.S. Domestic Select, Premium and Economy products.

Premium International: This product is the international companion to DCIs Premium Domestic product.

The DCILCR products can be used separately or, when multiple solutions are desired, simultaneously by setting up a different trunk group for each product.

The products presented by DCILCR enable us to offer one of the most comprehensive termination solutions available, said DCI Executive Vice President Neil Rosenblit. Companies seeking wholesale products at wholesale rates are often limited to a very narrow scope of service. DCILCR and the flexibility it offers widen that scope considerably.

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