news Introduces New Prepaid Phone Service today announced the availability of Motorola Inc. phones, with what the company says is the lowest U.S. and international flat rates of any U.S. provider. Available in Sears stores nationwide, and on the Cingular Wireless network and at, CoolPrepaid.coms low rates include a per-day access fee of 30 cents, U.S. rates of 10 cents per minute and international rates to places including China, Mexico, Rome and Tokyo for an additional 10 cents. says it benefits from Cingular Wireless network coverage of 98 percent of the U.S. population; and its partnership with Motorola allows to offer its customers the newest handsets on the market, including the RAZR V3.

Post-paid services have reached a plateau, said Marvin Jemal, chairman and CEO. The robust growth in prepaid comes from users that are no longer happy with contracts and restrictions, users that always like the latest, coolest phones and from users who like to control their spending. Our platform also taps into the incredible buying power that the ethnic consumers have and their desire to use their cell phone for both domestic and international calls.

All phones are on the GSM network and works with local carriers to develop its prepaid service offerings. Customers also can access service by using SIM cards, available through displays at major retailers and at also offers news, personalization, gaming content and exclusive ringtones.

Motorola Inc.

Cingular Wireless

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