C-CAMS Signs Kansas Citys Pager & Phone Co.

C-CAMS Inc. (Booth 1513) has signed The Pager & Phone Co., one of Kansas City, Missouris most successful niche communications companies, as a customer of its CCAMS customer service and billing suite.

Under the terms of its sales contract, C-CAMS will provide The Pager & Phone Co. with a full-service solution that incorporates customer care, account maintenance, service order processing, provisioning, client field service, workflow management, rating, commissioning, billing, point-of-sale and accounts receivable.

The CCAMS suite is a multitiered, browser-based solution, with all of its modules designed as part of an integrated solution, not as code pieced together as new applications emerge. Feature-rich and flexible, the CCAMS suite integrates quickly and easily across LANs and WANs.

The solution supports ILECs and CLECs by handling all aspects of TCSI code processing, VoIP, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, CDPD, GPRS, SMS, HSCSD, NENA 2, CDR, IPDR and DDR rating, taxation interface, and LNP conversions.

According to C-CAMS, its technology allows customer service representatives to provision services directly, in seconds; new service plans also can be deployed almost as quickly as they can be conceived.

The CCAMS solution also originates all customer, account, service and workflow activity in billing so every billable event is captured and reported as soon as a customers services are provisioned. The applications automatic operation and reporting capabilities allow users to verify revenue flow from network activity to the customers final invoice with virtually 100 percent accuracy.

We needed a robust, malleable software that could run a large, growing business with the diligence and attention to detail we enjoyed as a small company, said Dale Schmick, CEO of The Pager & Phone Co. CCAMS was the only software on the market that delivered.

Established in 1995 as an affordable communications provider for low-income customers, The Pager & Phone Co. offers cellular/PCS service from Boost, T-Mobile USA Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc., as well as paging, long-distance service, prepaid residential telephone service and prepaid Internet access.

With 107 employees and 17 stores in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, The Pager & Phone Co. has been one of Kansas Citys fastest-growing companies for the past seven years and is recognized as the areas second-largest minority-owned business.

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