BellSouth Combines Next-Gen Optical Services With Advanced Ethernet

BellSouth Corp. has announced it is enhancing its advanced, self-healing optical services to provide further integration with Ethernet services, extending business continuity capabilities deeper into enterprise customers’ operations.

BellSouth is providing a carrier-class solution that enables Layer 1 and Layer 2 Ethernet traffic to be protected by the self-healing qualities of SONET infrastructure, said Lee Priest, vice president of business marketing at BellSouth. As mission-critical IP applications become more prevalent in the enterprise, BellSouth is delivering options to help ensure business continuity for its customers.

BellSouth began evolving its SONET infrastructure to a next-generation multiservice provisioning platform (MSPP) in 2003; the fourth phase of enhancements will be introduced at the end of March to better address the Ethernet application requirements of businesses.

By expanding the Ethernet options available on SONET, failover protection now can be configured to provide protection for Ethernet traffic that never before has been available, according to BellSouth. Traditional Ethernet products do not offer diversely routed fiber, making upgrades very important to companies running any Ethernet traffic deemed mission-critical.

The unique capabilities of the latest enhancement include two options:

Shared Ethernet LAN over MSPP This option allows customers to share data between multiple locations along a self-healing SONET ring without committing a major portion of the ring to accommodate it as a point-to-point arrangement requires.

Metro Ethernet over MSPP Metro Ethernet is a local, Layer 2 transport mechanism that allows efficient, high-bandwidth communication between locations. MSPP SONET is Layer 1 transport, and previously, metro Ethernet traffic could not be delivered over SONET infrastructure. Now organizations using MSPP SONET and metro Ethernet networks can integrate traffic onto the same fiber ring and benefit from self-healing business continuity capabilities if disaster strikes. For example, large health care systems use MSPP SONET to connect hospitals, but now outlying suburban clinics connected with metro Ethernet can be added cost effectively to the network through this new option.

BellSouth’s MSPP SONET solution supports basic, premium and virtual metro Ethernet services.

For years, one of BellSouth’s greatest strengths has been its deep fiber deployments and the company is clearly utilizing these assets for long-term growth as it addresses the robust needs of the enterprise market, said Courtney Munroe, program vice president of telecom business services for IDC.

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