RNKVoIP to Debut Product Said to Work With Cellular, Wireline

Wholesale provider RNKVoIP is getting ready to introduce VoIP2Go, a service the company said will make VoIP available to anyone, even subscribers without broadband.

The private-label wholesaler said VoIP2Go will let users call from virtually any phone, including cellular and wireline devices, thanks to a proprietary online application it developed.

RNKVoIP said VoIP2Go connects a phone call from any traditional telephony system to RNKVoIP’s VoIP network. The company said VoIP2Go meets SIP standards and operates with all cell-phone service-provider standards, including all versions of CDMA, TDMA, GSM and G2.

RNKVoIP will release VoIP2Go on March 31. The product will be sold through wholesalers, agents, retailers and direct.



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