D2 Uses MIPS Processor to Enhance VoIP Software

D2 Technologies Inc. announced today at VON in San Jose today it has enhanced its vPort VoIP software with multithreading features.

D2 used MIPS Technologies Inc.s new multithreaded MIPS32R 34Kc processor core with DSP extensions, and has increased VoIP channel density by two times, compared to processors without multithreading and DSP capabilities, the company said.

The hardware-software combination allows for more efficient VoIP implementations in residential gateways and other multichannel applications because it does not require separate DSP cores or chips, D2 said. For example, the SoC for a two voice-channel Wi-Fi gateway router might have four threads Wi-Fi, routing, VoIP1 and VoIP2 on one 34Kc core.

“D2’s vPort multithreading softDSP solution running on the 34Kc core allows up to eight separate channels to be implemented on virtually the same amount of silicon that could previously support four,” said Michael Uhler, CTO of MIPS Technologies.

D2 Technologies Inc.
MIPS Technologies Inc.

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