Vycera Returns to Texas, Cali

San Diego-based Vycera Communications Inc. is back in California and Texas, after a year-long hiatus following the demise of UNE-P. Its CLEC services for Spanish-speaking consumers will be supported through a new interconnection agreement with AT&T Inc.

The pact provides Vycera with service delivery in the two most heavily populated Hispanic states, which combined have more than 19 million Hispanics.

Under the terms of AT&Ts Local Wholesale Complete (LWC) services contract, Vycera will be able to utilize what was formerly SBCs network as the underlying platform for a bundle of local and long-distance services created for Spanish-speaking consumers. The deal with AT&T ensures the continued delivery of competitive phone services in spite of the regulatory rule changes that rendered UNE-P defunct as a service delivery method in March 2005.

Vycera plans to begin offering service to customers in other AT&T markets later this year. Last year, the CLEC broadened its service footprint by negotiating interconnection agreements with BellSouth Corp., Qwest Communications International Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc.

Among the companys latest offerings is the Super 6 product bundle, which includes unlimited local calling plus the six most popular calling features, bundled with Vyceras innovative collect-calling alternative, Linea Mexicana, as well as $10 per month of free long-distance calling.

Vycera Communications Inc.

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