Shopping for a Wireless Vendor? Seasoned Dealer Offers Advice

As mobile communications offers become more complex, the channel is changing to serve more sophisticated clientele. Becoming a next-generation wireless dealer requires an understanding of the business proposition, starting with choosing suppliers.

All mobile operator channel programs are not created equal. Thats the message of todays session, Shopping for a Wireless Supplier.

Dealers must select a mobile vendor that matches their models for sales volume, technology road map, network, support and target market.

Presenter Tim Koxlien, president and founder of Koxlien Communications Inc., has been down this decision-making road with the top U.S. wireless suppliers as he sought to add mobility services to his companys portfolio of local, long-distance, data and Internet services for businesses and consumers.

Strict quotas, exclusivity clauses and transaction-based commissions are among the considerations he found to vary from what traditional network services agents might be used to.

In his 50-minute seminar, Koxlien will address the value proposition of selling wireless as well as compensation expectations and business administration issues. He also will explore the nuances among the various carrier programs, their expectations and when it might make sense to use a master agency as a go-between. Finally, he will look at the importance of add-ons to the sale, and how to source those revenue-generating accessories.

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