Intelisys-Resource Communications Merger Inspires New Services for Agents

Taking advantage of its recent merger with Resource Communications LLC, Intelisys Communications Inc. (Booths 415-417), a leading master agency distributor of business communication services, announced it is gearing up to offer entirely new and expanded service packages for its agents and their service provider and enterprise customers.

Resource Communications is a provider of a hosted management system for inventory, contracts and expenses. The company offers a unique package of products to enable agents and service providers alike to monitor and manage the contractual and financial aspects of their network services.

As part of the merger, Intelisys has created the Intelisys Resource Customer Solutions division, a new entity that will work to maximize the investment in Resource Communications. The new division will provide two main applications: the proprietary CRM System and the CommAdvisor hosted TEM application.

These two applications, both offered on a hosted basis, deliver a new approach to the frustrating and costly problems of TEM, providing real-time, on-demand information on billing, inventory, provisioning and contract management issues, instead of after-the-fact reporting.

Dana Topping, now president of Intelisys Resource Customer Solutions division, said, What Resource brings is expertise in working directly with the enterprise and with those support issues. This is our opportunity to offer these services directly, independent of the carrier.

The traditional agency model is being carrier-neutral and having multiple carrier options for customers, which is why customers use an agency: in order to get multiple solutions through multiple providers.

Today, Jay Bradley said, enterprise end-customers are looking for more, not only carrier flexibility, but also for information management tools and expense management tools to get a real-time look at what is happening with their networks, as well as tools for provisioning, for expense management, and tools for inventory in hardware and software. These are all big issues for large customers.

Intelisys will be announcing the availability of these applications targeted primarily to large enterprise customers, but will be developing additional TEM applications in 2006 that will deliver the same benefits to medium customers.

Intelisys will deliver the new tools to agents and service providers, who will in turn make them available to their enterprise customers. But the tools are not designed just for end-user customers.

Many carriers have experienced the same problems with their accounts, so these applications are available to be used by carriers directly, said Bradley.

Being a software provider is a new role for Intelisys.

We are rolling out our first set of products as Intelisys, said Bradley. Resource has been in the software business for a number of years providing products to large accounts and to carriers that support large accounts. This is a new business for Intelisys, but the combination gives Intelisys largest agents access under one umbrella to a whole new set of tools.

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