CommPartners Adds Real-Time Rating, Billing and Provisioning

CommPartners (Booth 107), today announced the release of the companys advanced CommPartners Management System (CMS) OSS platform to deliver real-time rating, billing and provisioning.

CommPartners CMS platform manages functions from service delivery to billing for service providers partnering with CommPartners to deliver privately branded VoIP solutions.

CommPartners offers wholesale hosted VoIP services, including IP Centrex, hosted PBX and conferencing functionality and IP-to-PSTN connectivity, to ISPs, WISPs, IT integrators, MSOs, private cable operators, IOCs, FTTH and overbuilding entities.

CMS enables a range of services from branded Web portals to service delivery and the creation of management reports and analyses of end-user activity for the companys partners.

Particularly, it offers partners a branded electronic bill complete with service descriptions, call detail records and a la carte billing capabilities.

The simple reality for our communications service provider partners is that no matter how good their VoIP service is, if they cant render a detailed, simple bill to their customers, they cannot get traction with their VoIP offering, said Dave Clark, cofounder

and CEO of CommPartners. For many service providers, upgrading billing platforms created specifically for the old world of telecommunications to accommodate VoIP is an enormous task much too complex to pursue; therefore, we have created this back-office system as an integral part of CommPartners complete IP solution.

The CommPartners CMS platform was developed by one of the companys founders and modeled after OSS systems he developed and that are in use today in both the airline and telecommunications industries.

For an IT Integrator, billing for data or hardware is a relatively simple process, but if that integrator were to begin offering VoIP services, it would find the end user demanding specific details each month of charges for long-distance calls, local calls and data services, said Michael Simmons, CEO of ProtoCall, a wholesale customer of CommPartners. Most system integrators and service providers arent able to make the transition required by billing for innovative, highly transactional new services, with CommPartners CMS system, we dont have to.

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