AuBeta Introduces Value Added Network

AuBeta Networks (Booth 101) introduced today its AuBeta Value Added Network, or VAN, platform.

The AuBeta VAN is a WAN solution designed to provide not only site-to-site connectivity, but a plug-and-play data communications platform for higher uptime and lower cost support for mission-critical applications.

From the beginning, AuBeta set out to design a next-generation network solution that could provide the security, reliability and performance of a private network, such as frame relay, while still providing the cost benefits and flexibility of an IP network, such as a traditional over-the-Internet VPN, said Scott Redman, AuBetas vice president of channel sales.

AuBeta accomplished this goal, said Redman, by building a nationwide ATM network that is cross-connected to the ILEC and CLEC networks throughout the United States to provide private network connections leveraging low-cost DSL as the last-mile connection method. AuBeta also has designed a Virtual Routing layer in the core of the network that enables fully meshed Layer 2 private networks that support next-generation applications like voice and video over IP.

The Virtual Routing component of this network adds a new layer of control not available in typical layer 2 private networks. It is this flexibility that has allowed AuBeta to provide Value Added Network solution, said Redman.

With this architecture,AuBeta has been deploying low-cost, private DSL-based networks that do not use the Internet for transport and, thus, eliminate security, performance and reliability concerns of typical VPN networks.

There is no VPN tunneling used in the AuBeta solution. As a result, the AuBeta VAN is able to consolidate applications Internet access, credit card processing, gift card processing, third-party IT management (through tools like PCAnywhere), remote access to the network, etc. that were all run individually. Many times companies were forced to build anywhere from two to four (and sometimes more) networks, said Redman.

He explained that one would be the private network to provide secure site-to-site communication; the second could be an Internet network with firewall(s) and possibly a VPN component for remote access; another in many cases is a dial backup network for redundancy at the remote sites (this could be analog dial or ISDN); and then a number of networks for third-party applications like remote management, connections to gift card processors, credit card processors, etc.

This leads to as many as five trunks running into the corporate headquarters or hub site with duplicative costs, management headaches, bandwidth inefficiency as all applications now have to run back to the HQ, said Redman, adding that it also creates a single point of failure for all of these network services.

In contrast, Redman said, the AuBeta Networks VAN includes on-net credit card processing, on-net gift card processing, video surveillance and storage, digital signage,Wi-Fi hotspots, CISP accreditation, and HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

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