Reignmaker, TAMCO Offer Leasing Options for Hosted PBX Service

Atlanta-based Reignmaker Communications (Booth 827), a VoIP service provider offering hosted PBX, has partnered with telecommunications asset management company TAMCO Corp. to offer its customers a financial tool to upgrade their communication systems without risk of equipment obsolescence.

When business needs or technology changes, the TAMCO Shield program allows a company to trade in their leased equipment for a new system without financial penalty, waiting periods, rollovers or hidden costs.

Our TAMCO Shield program provides a financing option that helps companies transform their traditional phone systems into todays more robust, flexible and cost-effective hosted phone systems, such as Reignmakers Reign-Free Hosted PBX, said Jack Thompson, CEO and founder of TAMCO. We know that soon all companies will be making the move to systems similar to Reignmakers, and our program was specifically designed to meet this growing demand while alleviating the common depreciation and obsolescence issues which traditionally have challenged technology purchasing.

TAMCO has long been a leader in technology financing to the telecom market, and we applaud their breakthrough Shield leasing program, added Bill Casey, vice president of marketing with Reignmaker. Our customers have been delighted with the prospect of never getting stuck with technology equipment thats out of date. If a new IP handset with improved features comes out 10 months into a 36-month lease, the customer can trade out their existing phones for the new ones with absolutely no penalty. Its simply incredible.

The TAMCO Shield program also offers flexible end-of-term options to meet varying customer needs.

Reignmaker is seeking agents for this new leasing arrangement. According to Casey, this solution helps agents win the sale up front by providing the customer a hardware solution completely impervious to technology obsolescence; and it also helps the agent upsell the customer to new equipment when technology advances hit the market, ensuring a happy customer that continues to provide revenue opportunity for the agent.


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